How to Distribute Branded Events Pens

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Branded Events – The brand pen is one of the most common forms of marketing used by companies of all sizes. They are low-cost, easy to design, easy to obtain and have a high value attached to it by the user. Who will refuse the pen?! But many times, marketers and companies as a whole do not share their pens effectively and thus; this form of cheap marketing is a waste of money. Branded pens may be cheap, but if you do not share them effectively then you’re basically wasting money.

So how should a branded events pen be distributed? If you find yourself with hundreds of excess pens and finally give it to friends and family then obviously you are doing something wrong. It is difficult to measure the success of a branded pen for marketing because people seldom choose a company consciously because of the pen they use. However, this is an important way to make potential customers remember your company and a great accompaniment to more expensive forms of marketing.

You should also have a selection of pens available at your company headquarters. This means that anyone who comes to visit you or someone in the company has a chance to pick up the goods, and thus will have a pen to remember their memories of the event. This is a simple way to keep your brand in the minds of people who have shown interest in using the goods or services provided by your company so you would be foolish not to try to distribute the material here.

Trade shows and similar events are one of the most common places for marketers to distribute branded events pens. This is because the people on this show clearly come because they are interested in the subject of the exhibition. This is a great place for you to distribute marketing materials like pens, but you should try and engage everyone in a small number of conversations when handing out marketing materials. In this way, the recipient has the company and people to associate the questioner with and make you more memorable.


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